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Drawings by Professor Emeritus Ken Yabuno, Waseda University,
with his permission and copyright reserved

Activity groups

At present, JSIAM has the following activity groups.

  1. Algorithmic Number Theory and Its Applications
    contact: yuchida@tmu.ac.jp
  2. Applied Chaos
    contact: umeno.ken.8z __AT__ kyoto-u.ac.jp
  3. Applied and Computational Mathematics in Industry
    contact: sakurai __AT__ cs.tsukuba.ac.jp
  4. Applied Integrable Systems
    contact: yura __AT__ fun.ac.jp
  5. Mathematical Aspects on Continuum Mechanics
    contact: ohtsuka __AT__ hkg.ac.jp
  6. Discrete Systems
    contact: miyamoto __AT__ sophia.ac.jp
  7. Formal Approach to Information Security
    contact: sakurada.hideki __AT__ lab.ntt.co.jp
  8. Machine Learning
    contact: karasuyama __AT__ nitech.ac.jp
  9. Mathematical Design
    contact: azegami __AT__ is.nagoya-u.ac.jp
  10. Mathematical Finance
    contact: naoyuki __A__ tamacc.chuo-u.ac.jp
  11. Mathematical Medicine
    contact: suzuki __AT__ sigmath.es.osaka-u.ac.jp
  12. Mathematical Politics
    contact: oyamat __AT__ grips.ac.jp
  13. Matrix Computation
    contact: tadano __AT__ cs.tsukuba.ac.jp
  14. Mesh Generation and CAE
    contact: ichiro.kataoka.vf __AT__ hitachi.com
  15. Origami Engineering
    contact: ihagi __AT__ meiji.ac.jp
  16. Quality of Computation
    contact: jsiam-qoc __AT__ oishi.info.waseda.ac.jp
  17. Scientific Computation and Numerical Analysis
    contact: yamamoto __AT__ im.uec.ac.jp
  18. Wavelet
    contact: ashino __AT__ cc.osaka-kyoiku.ac.jp
  19. Young researchers
    contact: yaguchi __AT__ pearl.kobe-u.ac.jp
  20. Setouchi-rim JSIAM Local Research Group
    contact: tsuchiya __AT__ math.sci.ehime-u.ac.jp

The number of groups is expected to increase in the future.