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Dr. Hiroshi Akiba, President of JSIAM

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History of JSIAM

The Japan Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics was founded in April, 1990, aiming at fusing mathematics, applied mathematics and theoretical researches in industry and engineering in order to contribute to the innovation of science and technology.

JSIAM is a cross-disciplinary society consisting of people doing research on mathematical phenomena (in mathematics as well as in other sciences), people who apply mathematics (engineering, technology) and people who develop methods of analysis (computer science, experimental science).

With the rapid development of science and technology, many things have come out from the interaction between mathematics and the other fields. For instance, nonlinear partial differential equations and stochastic processes, which used to be objects of research in theoretical mathematics, are now being utilized as powerful tools for image processing, as the nature of their solutions have become unveiled. Also, as the performance of computers have made tremendous progress, more accurate and more efficient numerical methods have been developed and numerical simulations employing large-scale computations are providing powerful tools for practical problems.

When developing a new model, verification by means of mathematical analysis and numerical computation has become essential. The interpretation by theoretical analysis, detailed analysis based on numerical computations, and the comparison of these with experiments, altogether guide the modification of the model. At the same time, the cooperation of these three are important for establishing the model.

JSIAM has been sponsoring or co-sponsoring conferences and symposia in the hope of encouraging people involved in mathematical sciences and engineering mathematics in various fields to interact. Indeed, the role played by mathematical sciences and engineering mathematics in the progress of science and technology is immense. JSIAM is looking forward to playing a central role as bridges between various fields through mathematics in Japan.

Therefore, we cordially call your attention to JSIAM.